dashTHIRTYdash now accepting applications for grants

dashTHIRTYdash is now accepting applications for grants from Times-Picayune employees and contractors who are losing their jobs because of the newspaper’s decision to end daily publication.

Funds will be disbursed among employees and contractors who apply for it, without regard for individual financial circumstances. (If you’re interested in more information about how the money will be allocated, please click here.)

All applications will be kept strictly confidential; a minimum number of people will have access to the applications and dashTHIRTYdash will not publicly disclose the identities of anyone who applies for or receives grants.

To receive a grant, click on this link – dashTHIRTYdash_GrantApplication – and complete the attached form and IRS W-9 form and return it by email or fax as indicated.

Distributions and Deadlines

dashTHIRTYdash plans two distributions of money: one no later than Nov. 1, 2012, and another by Dec. 31, 2012.

Applications for receiving grants in the first distribution must be received by Oct. 10, 2012. If you apply for a grant by that deadline, you’ll receive your first check by Nov. 1, and automatically be contacted about whether you’d like to also receive a grant in the second distribution. (If you get a new job before the second distribution, we hope that you will opt out and leave more money to be divided among your former colleagues who have not yet gotten new jobs.)

Thank you for your dedication and hard work during your tenure with The Times-Picayune. We hope these grants will help you transition to another great job or an even greater retirement.


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