The designation “-30-” has traditionally been added by journalists to the end of their articles to indicate “end of story.” But on June 12, 2012, -30- took on a new meaning in New Orleans. One by one, Times-Picayune staffers used the symbol on Facebook and other social media to simply, yet powerfully signal that they were among the 202 staffers who will lose their jobs as the Pulitzer Prize-winning, 175-year-old paper pivots to a primarily digital outlet.

We selected the name “DashThirtyDash” to commemorate the end of these careers with the paper and the end of The Times-Picayune as we know it (and because Dash30Dash.org already was taken and you can’t start a domain name with a real dash).

We’ve had to temporarily suspend accepting donations while we search for a new fiscal sponsor, but check back soon because we fully plan to be up-and-running again before you know it!


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  2. Hi, I am one of the newsroom employees being laid off. I applaud and thank everyone involved in creating (and doggedly working to fattten) this fund. News of all the planned events is amazing!What a blessing all of you are. I’d like to know how does one register for the fund.

    • Hi, Muriel. Thanks for your comment. We’re so glad your excited about the things going on. We plan to begin a very easy application process around Sept. 1. We’ve added your name and email address to a list we’re keeping and you’ll receive an email when that’s up and running. The plan to is to begin sending checks to individuals within two weeks of the Sept. 30 final day of work. Please feel free to email rebecca@rebeccatheim anytime. Thanks again.

  3. Hello!

    I’m the Louisiana Commissioning Editor for The History Press. I’d love to be able to speak with any former or current Times-Picayune employees and journalists about any potential book projects if they are interested. They could range from a collection of a columnists’ local articles or a book dealing with local history, culture, or whatever their ideas may be. I really enjoy working with Times-Picayune journalists and would love to hear any ideas anyone might have for publication.

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