Final Tally on the T-P7 Talent & Treasures Online Auction

Thank you to the 80 celebrities and artisans who donated amazing items to our T-P7 Talent & Treasures Auction, which concluded shortly before our Sept. 30 send-off for the daily Times-Picayune.

Anderson Cooper, The Ellen Show, “Good Morning America,” “TODAY Show,” “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Cokie Roberts, the Newseum, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, “Meet the Press” and Walter Isaacson – along with dozens of current and former Times-Picayune artists and photographers and New Orleans businesses – all donated items or experiences to the auction.

We ultimately raised about $12,000 from online bids from 13 states. Money raised has directly benefited Times-Picayune employees and contractors losing their jobs because of the newspaper’s decision to end daily publication Sept. 30.


4 thoughts on “Final Tally on the T-P7 Talent & Treasures Online Auction

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    • Foss, Steve graciously donated four original cartoons to us for our online auction in September 2012, but they all sold, so we no longer have any. The only email address I had for him was his Times-Picayune address, which no longer works. If you Google him, however, you will find a website for his cartoon syndicate and it could perhaps help you get in touch with him if you want to pursue obtaining a cartoon directly from him. Good luck.

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